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A Professional Family Portrait is truly invaluable

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There is very little that isn’t photographed these days; with smart phones always close by to capture those special and not so special (cup of coffee or plate of food!) moments.  Very rarely do these images end up anywhere except on a hard drive, in the cloud floating around in digital space, or lost forever along with your smart phone… wishing you’d made a back up copy.

A professional studio portrait captures and preserves a moment in time!

At 1PORTRAIT your chosen images are printed on archival photographic paper and framed in beautiful handmade solid wood frames for you to hang proudly on your walls; to enjoy for years to come.  These portraits become even more valuable as time goes by – as your children grow and change…

A professional family portrait is truly invaluable!

Family Portrait, Portrait Photography, Portrait Photographer, 1PORTRAIT Studio Dublin www.1portrait.ie A Professional Family Portrait is truly invaluable

Family Portrait, 1PORTRAIT Studio Dublin, www.1portrait.ie

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